ATOMIUM003 // Florida Boys – Starship Groupies

A1: Beach Exercise #1
A2: Summerbreeze
B1: Haade Tschüss - Ruf Mich An
B2: Everglade
B3: Mezzo Mix

Atomium presents Florida Boys.
Back on tracks and on their sampler, the Florida Boys land on Atomium with their much-wanted Starship Groupies EP.
Florida Boys is a Frankfurt-/Offenbach-based electronic music project by Dirk Schricker and Matthias Braun. They have been actively creating music between 1996 and 1998. In that period they released a couple of tracks on EPs and Compilations which have been part of the first wave of German Underground House Music.

ATOMIUM002 // Avoid The Gap – Phases

A: Phase#1
B: Phase#2

Atomium presents Avoid The Gap.
Formed by half of Lemakuhlar's, Nirukad and Atomium's guru Pipo Vitch
who deliver a true belgian blood ep with its 2 different phases.
The A-side drives a terrific dancefloor monster making you dive in some apnea sessions whereas the B-side leads your journey into a musical safari that proposes you a sonic introspection to blow your innersenses.

ATOMIUM001 // PM – Fisherman

A: Restless
B: Back Home

PM is composed by Martin Teysera and Pipo Vitch
Our most underground release so far. Martin Teysera and Atomium's honcho deliver us some kind of extra swing house sessions.
A-Side is directly composed from a dancefloor perspective. Lights are flashing, sound is banging, oh yeaaaah this is an insane club track. On the B-Side, we get "Back Home" as defined by its name, it takes us form here to there flying back from any external events.

ATOMIUM000 // P.A.L.M. - Stone

A: Stone

Atomium presents P.A.L.M. who deliver the first gem from our catalogue.
This one takes us for a ride into cosmic audio fields. The first encounter session delivers a song full of analog sounds. The honkey groove, the fat bassline and a shape of soul for a galactic walk. Not born on a September 3rd but finally out for our entire delight.